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New Job Stress: Office Manager

Work today: 7:40am-5:25pm, only marking down to 7:45-5:15pm. Leaving work 25 minutes after I should have, with only a 30 minute break for lunch. So what, 9hrs total? High volume, time sensitive workload with a stream of incoming new calls, including callbacks, follow up, payments, paper work etc. I had zero chances for any moment of mental breath.

I have a boss who only knows how to communicate by using CAPS in emails accompanied with cursing or new demands, sometimes demanding an answer immediately, interrupting what I was doing- calling with a task saying “come on, COME ON,” as I try to do it. He is nice, sometimes, when he calls me, on my own time, to review or follow up with questions. I’ve been ok so far, keeping my professional and curtious manor but by the end of today I couldn’t focus and I felt I was falling appart. I did so much today I can’t remember what I did. At this point I don’t care if it’s incorrect. My chest pulsed pain occasionally today, just in one small spot. Last week my eye twitched all day, everyday.

As I walked to the subway I had to really gulp down gasps of frustration. I teared up slightly and felt completely embarrassed of myself, even though no one saw or would ever notice. I can’t believe I’m working so hard, for so little, for a boss who demands so much from me.

I’ve been working for a month and, yes, I’ve learned quickly. He has even given me a bland comment of praise for my fast aquisition (called me on my time of course) but the workload is comparable to an angry volcano.